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With COTI, the latest newcomer in the payments technology sphere, merchants can:

  • Reduce processing fees to almost zero
  • Process more transactions – no more declined payments
  • Ensure better cash flows by way of instant settlements and low rolling reserve requirements
  • Integrate seamlessly with COTI payment applications to ensure a streamlined checkout process

As a merchant, have you experienced any of these shortcomings?

  • Low approval rates on transactions due to false positives
  • Lack of buyer-seller protections and rampant chargebacks
  • High rolling reserve requirements
  • High transaction fees
  • High cart abandonment rates

With COTI, merchants can improve their bottom line and cash flow

What is COTI, and what can it do for merchants?

COTI is Fintech company that is developing a technology known as the Trustchain, which has been built from the ground up for the payments challenges of today. While information and goods now flow more freely than ever before, legacy payment systems like Visa, Mastercard and P2P platforms like PayPal represent a significant source of commercial friction due to their high fees, low approval rates and high abandonment rates.

At COTI, we’ve developed a suite of merchant tools and services that will make COTI a compelling proposition for merchants. Merchants that use COTI’s services will be able to enjoy a better bottom line as they'll be equipped to process more transactions and pay less fees.


We believe that decentralization is the future and that the Trustchain is the next generation blockchain 3.0 solution, which will bring the world one step closer to achieving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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