Disrupting a two trillion dollar market

COTI is the digital currency alternative to traditional payment systems like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal

Our vision is to enable people around the world to exchange value as easy as it is to exchange information over the internet.

Dr. Nir Haloani

CTO, Former Head of Research IBM

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COTI's most recent technical whitepaper has been released

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COTI partners with decent to bolster network scalability

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Solution: COTI cuts out the middlemen, without the downfalls of Cryptocurrencies



Traditional payment systems cost consumers billions of dollars every year

  • High fees that can go all to way to 15% for merchants, leading to higher product costs for consumers
  • Declined transactions drive down merchant profits
  • Decreased merchant cash flow due to long settlement periods
  • Complicated multi-currency support, high spreads and exchange rates
  • Over two billion people around the world remain unbanked

COTI addresses and takes into account a number of the key pain points that merchants and buyers alike have on a daily basis. COTI actually shifts the paradigm in a way that digital currencies now represent the future


Avi Chesed

CEO, Processing.com

Why have digital currencies failed as a payment means?

  • Scalability challenges
  • Volatile prices
  • Lack of buyer-seller protections
  • Complicated user experience
  • Absence of regulation

COTI represents the next generation of digital currencies. This is a currency and a payment platform that is simple, transparent, trustworthy, instant and scalable. Using COTI is as easy as using a credit card, easy to accept and tracked. COTI represents the next generation of digital currencies. It brings the current standards of the financial services industry into the digital sphere.


Steven Heilbron

Former CEO, Investec Bank UK

COTI’s solution:

The Trustchain is a blockless payment system that is based on a DAG structure, which is highly scalable with low-to-zero fees and buyer-seller protections


The incumbent payment systems are riddled with high fees, long settlement periods and false positives, which drive down merchant profits.COTI aims to cut out the middlemen and solve these major shortcomings.


Shahaf Bar-Geffen


COTI benefits everyone

Merchant benefits
  • Low-to-zero fees translate to higher profits
  • Increased cash flow due to instant settlements
  • Reduction in unnecessarily declined transactions (false positives)
  • Equitable chargeback mechanism
  • Micropayment processing
  • Secure and private payment network
  • Full KYC and AML regulation
Consumer benefits
  • Buyer-seller protections
  • Instant payments
  • Simple peer-to-peer (P2P) payments
  • No need to give away personal details to merchants


The Trustchain Protocol

As an infrastructure protocol based over DAG, COTI offers a highly adaptable solution to leverage the scalability created by the DAG and ranking engine while ensuring equitable operations within the arbitration layer. The Trustchain replaces third party centralised trust with a proven mathematical algorithm, thus enabling value to be exchanged as safely and efficiently as information is exchanged on the Internet. The first use case of the technology to be developed is COTI PAY which specifically addresses the consumer-merchant payment industry.

COTI’S blockless payment system is based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG).

Innovating from blockchain technology, this improved protocol is highly scalable and centered around trust

Introducing the Trustchain Consensus Protocol

COTI’s unique consensus mechanism that utilises user Trust Scores to confirm transactions


Key milestones on COTI’s journey to improve payments

Token economy

Overview document

Technical whitepaper

Key documents that provide detailed information about COTI

The Overview Document provides an end-to-end picture of the COTI project – from its origins and motivation through to its token sale and roadmap.

The Technical Whitepaper provides a technical treatment of COTI’s core technology.


Team experience

The COTI team is comprised of individuals with proven experience in the payments, cryptography and financial services industries. The core team is supported by internationally recognised advisors including experts in asset management, banking, marketing and blockchain.

COTI’s team members have been hand-picked from leading companies, such as IBM, Ripple, Blackrock, HSBC, Investec Bank UK and Plus500 amongst many others.

Meet the team

Shahaf Bar-Geffen


Serial entrepreneur

Dr. Nir Haloani


IBM (Former head of research), Owner of 14 patents

David Assaraf


Former HSBC internal auditor, Financial specialist

Eli Hallufgil

Technology team leader


Yoni Neeman

Software Engineering

Expert in FinTech applications

Anton Suslonov

Data scientist

Expert in blockchain technology and applied mathematics

Yair Lavi


Former finance director at Plus500 UK, Financial specialist

Samuel Falkon

Co-founder, VP business development

FinTech pro

Efrat Bar-Lev

VP marketing

Marketing pro


Dr. Matt McBrady

Former CIO, BlackRock

Steven Heilbron

Former CEO
Investec Bank UK

Avi Chesed

CEO Processing.com

Gregg Kidd

Former CRO
Ripple Labs

Stas Oskin

WINGS Foundation co-founder

Alex Yamashita

Partner TLDR; formerly Goldman Sachs

Nimrod Lehavi

Co-founder and CEO, Simplex

Lindsey Maule

CEO, Luna Capital

Dr Zvi Gabay

Partner, Barnea & Co.


Processing.com – a single integration that will enable over 10,000 merchants to begin accepting COTI

Advising COTI with banking, processing and Debit cards issuing

Bancor will provide liquidity measures for the COTI network

Fingenome will serve as a market maker

The WINGS Foundation will provide the COTI network with prediction and analysis services

Stox will provide market prediction services for the COTI platform

GlobaliD will enable decentralized KYC procedures

HEXA LABS and ORBS are advising COTI with its decentralised application launch and maintenance

WEB3 will support COTI with its marketing and advertising efforts

Advanced Blockchain AG will be researching and exploring the potential for further development of the COTI protocol

nakamo.to will employ their marketing and community building techniques to spread the influence of COTI


Discover the Currency of the Internet

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COTI is the Currency of the Internet – the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and reliable way to pay